Just Curious…

Commentary by Cherie Jung

(1 June, 2018)

Now that Spring is heading towards Summer, I was pondering whether mystery fans tend to read more during the summer months or less…or even about the same. I’ve been noticing my “to read” pile right now is beginning to teeter due to the higher than normal number of books I’ve piled on it – them actually, since I have three piles.

I’m a fairly fast reader so either I’ve slowed down without realizing it, causing me to read fewer books than I normally do (and stories – I have a stack of them also), or perhaps more things are getting in the way, interrupting my reading time. Or maybe there are just more books that I want to read?

I haven’t been totally distracted by yard work, though my yard certainly needs more attention. Even my weeds are dying. I do have about 300 emails waiting for my attention while I am composing this commentary but that’s normal. A really busy day finds 1,000 or more waiting emails…

I have been binging on old Forensic Files TV episodes in the evenings…

Another thing I’ve been mulling over is do mystery fans change their readings preferences regarding the type(s) of mysteries they read during the various seasons. I seem to read more suspense titles during the winter months and more cozy mysteries during the summer. I read my favorite authors anytime they publish something new. I just realized I haven’t read a true crime book in years, though they used to be a favorite of mine, especially those related to crimes or criminals I was familiar with. Although in hind sight, I think knowing three victims and having encountered two serial killers in my younger years is probably enough.


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