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A Dave Robicheaux Novel

By James Lee Burke

Simon & Schuster, July 12, 2005
ISBN: 0743277198

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

CRUSADER'S CROSS is the fourteenth in the series that James Lee Burke has written featuring Dave Robicheaux. Dave is a retired homicide detective from New Iberia, New Orleans.

In CRUSADER'S CROSS Dave is talking to an old friend who is dying. In the conversation Dave's half-brother Jimmie is mentioned and the love affair that Jimmie had with a prostitute back in the late 1950's. Jimmie fell deeply in love with the young woman, was warned away from her and the lady, Ida Durbin disappeared. As far as Dave knows she was never heard from again and the friend hints that she may have been killed.

Dave has much time on his hands. His wife is dead, his daughter Alafair is away in college and Jimmie leads a life of his own. Dave approaches the New Iberia Sheriff, Helen Soileau and offers to come back on board and see if he can help discover what really happened to Ida.

As the plot unfolds we discover that a rich well connected family is involved. Dave's friend, a private investigator Clete Purcell becomes involved and the action heats up.

James Lee Burke is without a doubt my favorite author. I cannot name one book that he has written that has disappointed me. CRUSADER'S CROSS is in my opinion one of his best.

This title is scheduled for release in paperback July, 2006.

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