The Thomas Crown Affair

Reviewed by Lawrence Jung

Pierce Brosnan's performance was right-on-the-money. He was born to play part of Thomas Crown, gentleman thief. He proved that in the TV series "Remington Steele." Besides, he can look dressed up in a torn t-shirt!

I had my doubts about Renee Russo. For my taste, her performances have been uneven. I liked her opposite Clint Eastwood in "In The Line of Fire." I didn't like her opposite John Travolta in "Get Shorty." I liked her opposite Pierce Brosnan in "The Thomas Crown Affair." There was a definte on-screen chemistry between the two.

I liked the way Denis Leary's character was acted and written. As the third side of the triangle formed by Brosnan and Russo, he didn't come across as a jerk, stupid, or pathetic.

Three good performances by themselves do not make a good movie. How to breath life into the well worn genre of the caper movie? I have had my fill of men dressed in black, crawling and climbing through air ducts, dodging red laser beams, and disarming intrusion alarms. So how is Thomas Crown (Pierce Brosnan) going to steal a priceless Monet from the musuem? The plan and execution were elegant. The script played fair with the audience. I won't spoil the fun by revealing any more of the story.

I recommend "The Thomas Crown Affair" to Pierce Brosnan fans and to those who want an intelligent crime move.

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