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By Lora Roberts

Fawcett Gold Medal, 1998
ISBN 0-449-15048-8

Reviewed by S. E. Warwick

This tale, the fifth in Lora Roberts’ Liz Sullivan series, is set in a community garden in Palo Alto, California. Roberts’ writing skill makes what could easily become a snoozy cozy into a high fiber salad of greed, family ties, industrial espionage, abortion, and aging dressed with wit and wisdom.

Liz Sullivan was jailed for trying to kill her husband. After she was released from prison, she lived in her car to elude the wrath of said husband. When someone else put him out of her misery, she slowly began to ease back into the real world. Murder Crops Up finds Sullivan beginning to feel secure.

Though the cast of characters includes the usual cute cop who finds the quirky heroine irresistible, the rest of the crew, from paranoid old ladies to perky toddlers, seem like people who’ve stood behind you in line at the grocery.

I like the way Roberts explores the high weirdness of modern life and want to find the rest of this series.

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