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By David Morrell

CDS Books (September 6, 2005) ($24.95)
ISBN: 159315237X

CDS Books (September 1, 2006) ($7.99)
ISBN: 1593153570
Reviewed by Cherie Jung

The term "creepers" was new to me but it reminded me of "high-graders" -- the folks who enter abandoned gold and diamond mines in search of other gem stones left behind as unworthy of mining in comparison to the gold, diamonds, copper, etc. that were originally mined. Apparently, "creepers" are adventurous folks who break into old abandoned buildings to look around and get a feel for the history of the place, take a few pictures, and then leave the place undisturbed, except for their footprints. In this case, a small group of explorers enter the boarded up and soon to be demolished Paragon Hotel. Built by a reclusive millionaire, at one time, the hotel was magnificent. Now it is derelict. The creepers are joined by a man claiming to be a journalist who wants to document their adventure for a newspaper article. Unimaginable hell and horror await the "creepers" and a nonstop plunge through the pages awaits the reader.

If you enjoy "edge-of-the-seat" thrillers, you'll find this book a treat. I don't want to give away too much of the plot. Readers will want to experience every twist and turn for themselves.

Morrell has written some twenty-eight or more books. My favorites are THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE ROSE, THE FRATERNITY OF THE STONE, THE LEAGUE OF NIGHT AND FOG and THE COVENANT OF THE FLAME. I've read most of the other titles and can't honestly say that I enjoyed them. I felt many of them were too predictable and more than a few were boring. CREEPERS, I am pleased to say, is not boring or predictable.

My only quibble is that the book is being marketed as a "horror" book, which I think may scare off some potential readers. Just remember that although the book is marketed as "horror" it's really more of a thriller. Although there is still plenty of horror to go around for the "creepers" in this tale.

I recommend this book for all but the most hardened cozy readers, who prefer their mystery and mayhem on a less violent level. And to those -- or especially to those who used to read Morrell but stopped.

Although CREEPERS is now available in paperback, you may still order hardcover if you prefer that reading format.

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