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By Cheryl Crane

Kensington, September 1, 2011 ($25.00)
ISBN-10: 0758258860
ISBN-13: 978-0758258861

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

Let's get this out of the way first...According to the press release, Cheryl Crane is the daughter of Lana Turner (Yes, that Lana Turner. The Hollywood legend.) and actor/restaurateur Josef Stephen Crane. As you may, or may not remember — depending on your age and interest in the Hollywood crowd — Ms. Crane allegedly killed Johnny Stompanato because he threatened to kill her mother. Ms. Crane now works in real estate.

Now, let's move on. THE BAD ALWAYS DIE TWICE is the first book in a series featuring realtor-turned-amateur sleuth Nicki Harper. The setting is Hollywood with its glitz and glamour. The characters are pure Hollywood — as shallow and dysfunctional as they come. Nicki Harper, on the other hand, is a down-to-earth young woman forced by her choice of career and location to mingle, however diststefully, with the Hollywood set, which includes her famous mother, a screen goddess named Victoria Bordeaux. Instead of schmoozing with the rich and vain at Hollywood parties, Nicki would rather be at home with her two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels watching a movie.

The crime and mystery that presents itself is referred to in the title, THE BAD ALWAYS DIE TWICE. Rex March turns up dead in Nicki's best friend's bed, six months after he apparently died in the California desert from the fiery crash of the single-engine plane he was piloting. As amateur sleuths are inclined to do, Nicki ignores the local law enforcement's request to let them do their jobs and sets out to solve the murder on her own.

The author has an engaging writing style. She brings the numerous characters to life with an eye for detail that likely comes from her own life experiences in Hollywood. I thoroughly enjoyed reading THE BAD ALWAYS DIE TWICE and I look forward to more adventures with Nicki Harper.

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