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An Eve Duncan forensics thriller
By Iris Johansen

Bantam, May 10th, 2005
ISBN: 0553803425

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

On the cover of Iris Johansen's latest release, COUNTDOWN it says that this is"An Eve Duncan forensics thriller." Wrong! But I am not complaining.. In a previous book, BLIND ALLEY, Eve's adopted daughter Jane McGuire was the target of a murderous psychopath who was convinced that she was the image of Cira, a lover of a rich nobleman in Pompeii over 2000 years ago.

In COUNTDOWN Jane has entered college at Harvard University and become an independent woman of her own. She still wonders anddreams about Cira and a certain fortune hunter, Mark Trevor that captured her affections and rejected them in the previous book.

When Jane goes to meet her childhood friend, who is also attending Harvard, she wants to give him a pre-exam pep talk. The two are brutallyattacked. In the aftermath Mark Trevor shows up and whisks her away to Scotland convinced that this was not a simple mugging and that someone is once more on the trail of Cira's treasure.

The story continues with Mark and Jane pairing up with an interesting Scottish nobleman and some very nasty criminals with much more than treasure on their minds.

Joe and Eve are kept safely in the background and the story is soon at a fever pitch.

Iris Johansen captured my attention years ago with her earlier works and I now remain a devoted fan. She never, ever disappoints.

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