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By David Corbett

Ballantine Publishing, 2003 ($6.99)
ISBN: 0449007162

Reviewed by Rick McMahan

David Corbett’s first novel is THE DEVIL'S REDHEAD, and the book showcases Corbett’s potential as an author.

Dan Abatangelo is a haunted man. He’s lost everything. At one time, he made money hand over fist running a large drug operation importing premium Thai marijuana. At the height of his career, he met Shel Beaudry, a redhead who stole Abatangelo’s heart. Then everything came down. Dan was busted by the feds and went away to prison for a decade, and the only regret he had was losing Shel. Now Dan Abatangelo is out of prison, and he still has the itch for "The Devil’s Redhead" who stole his heart. He has one desire---to find Shel. However, Shel has moved onward and downward in her life. She’s involved with another man, a criminal on the fringes of the underworld. However, he’s decided to make the big step into the criminal underworld to make a big score, but with his big move he’s also drawing the attention of warring crime factions and jeopardizing Shel Beaudry. Dan Abatangelo has waited a decade to find Shel, and he’ll chase the devil himself to hell to get back "The Devil’s Redhead."

Corbett weaves a haunting tale of ragged people who still have dreams and are trying to survive. THE DEVIL'S REDHEAD is a well-paced thriller populated with believable characters and a twisting plot.

Corbett's second novel is DONE FOR A DIME published by Ballantine Books and is available in hardcover and paperback.

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