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By Thomas H Cook

Bantam, October 1999, $5.99

Reviewed by Sue Johnson

The book takes off at a quick pace when the main character witnesses the murder of his 12-year-old sister. Years later he has gone on to write a series of mysteries set at the turn of the century. These mysteries feature an antagonist named Kessler. Kessler also being the name of the man who murdered his sister.

While staying at a chalet that had been made into a writers retreat in the Hudson River valley he is asked to investigate a crime that is nearly 50 years old.

He is aided in his search for the truth by playwright, Eleanor Stern. As they come closer to the truth of 50 years ago he may also be unearthing demons from his past.

I found this book very dark and brooding, very much the same as some of Cook's earlier works. I enjoyed it, but I am sure not all readers would enjoy the atmosphere the book conveys.

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