By Peter Lovesey


Publisher: Soho Press (July, 2019)
Format: Hardcover
Price: $27.95
ISBN-13: 978-1-64129-059-3

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A Detective Peter Diamond Investigation  (Book 18)


Reviewed by Shirley Wetzel
(November, 2019)


Peter Diamond, head detective of the Bath CID, has had lots of unpleasant assignments during his long career with the police force. The one he’s being asked – rather, ordered – to do may be the worst yet. Deputy Chief Constable George Brace’s son Ben is getting married to Caroline Irving, and normally that would be a good thing. There’s just one problem: Carolyn’s father, Charles Irving, is a major kingpin in a massive criminal empire and Diamond’s assignment is to be his bodyguard/babysitter.

Ben and Caroline had planned to have a small, simple wedding, but her father will have none of that. His only child deserves an extravaganza the likes of which has rarely been seen in Bath, and he has the ill-gotten gains to finance it. The wedding will take place at Bath Abbey, with a lavish reception and wedding breakfast at the historic Roman Baths. Irving has plenty of enemies, and the wedding venue is a perfect place for an assassination.

Before his task is over, Diamond has to deal with the bride’s amorous cousins, three rambunctious young bridesmaids who wander where they shouldn’t, a pushy wedding planner, and the “handsy” wife of one of the wedding party. All the while, one very determined shooter stays one step ahead of him. It’s a tossup whether the father of the bride will survive his daughter’s wedding day. Diamond pulls out all the stops to protect the old crook, because it’s job and because, well, he’s kind of come to like the guy during their forced closeness.

The Peter Diamond books are technically police procedurals, but Lovesey enhances them with subtle humor, entertaining characters, and the beauty and history of his beloved city of Bath. Diamond is grouchy, sartorially challenged and profane: the author explains that Diamond’s religion was rugby and real ale. He is also a damn good detective who always gets his man, even if, in this case, that man wasn’t the one he was expecting to get. Highly recommended.

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