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by Jeremiah Healy

Crippen & Landrau Press, 1998, 292 pages, $17.00 (soft cover).
ISBN: 1885941269

Reviewed by Rick McMahan

Jerry Healy's John Francis Cuddy mysteries are enjoyable private eye books set in Boston. In addition to Cuddy novels, Jerry has written numerous Cuddy short stories for magazines and anthologies. THE CONCISE CUDDY is the first collection of Cuddy stories. The topics of the stories vary from cheating spouses to stolen pets to a murdered cop, but all the tales have the indelible imprint of Jeremiah Healy's taut writing and wry plotting. Healy's dialogue combined with unique and surprising plot devices make the stories enjoyable additions to the Cuddy collection of novels.

Though this book is not a new one, it was first printed in 1998, it is one well worth mentioning for fans of Jeremiah Healy. Since there's no new John Cuddy novels slated for release in the near future, one might be well advised to pick up THE CONCISE CUDDY to get a John Francis "fix" until then. Though your local bookstore may not have a copy on their shelves, I had no problem locating one online at both Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

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