Commentary by Cherie Jung

(7 December, 2015)

From time to time, I think my computer is conspiring against me.

As was recently posted, we had been experiencing some irregularities with our incoming emails. Several had taken 5-9 days to appear in our inbox after they were sent and one mail purportedly came from my dead sister. (Someone was using her old, inactivated email address to send out spam. How lovely…and just a little bit creepy.) We think things are getting through to us now but we suspect there may be emails meant for us still floating around, undelivered, in cyberspace, but we have no idea how many. All of the junk mail seems to be getting delivered to us just fine, though.

We also recently learned that contracts sent to an author for publication of a short story on our website arrived the week of  November, 17. They were mailed in September. (Come on, it’s not that far from here to Canada!) I can’t really blame my computer for that one, it’s just part of the “whole world is against me” scenario.

More directly related to misbehaving computers, devious computers, and computer glitches was the shocker a few days ago when I tried to FTP the new files for the website to our server and it indicated that we had no files present in the database. It was polite about it. It accepted one of the new files, but none of the others, and claimed it couldn’t find any of our previous files. Sorry. (Nearly 10,000 files have gone missing and it said, “Sorry?” How nice!)


I think my computer hates me…and it certainly isn’t saving me any time. The minutes and hours go flying by while I am struggling to get the computer to do its job (or to do what I want it to do) without files going missing, discordant warning alarms sounding, or having to reboot repeatedly until somehow either the computer tires of toying with me or I accidentally do something that gets me the results I was looking to achieve.


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