“Click Thru, Please…”

Commentary by Cherie Jung

(1 July, 2014)


Yesterday on Amazon.com, I looked up the release date for POIROT Set #13 which contains Poirot’s last five cases and ends the series. Oh, I’ve already pre-ordered the DVD from Acorn but that’s another kettle of fish, as they say. This morning, when I visited CNN to get my fix of skewed news, there on the upper right hand side of the monitor screen was an ad for Poirot Set #13 and another Poirot DVD that Amazon.com thought I might like to purchase. I’ll get back to Amazon.com in a few minutes. My main point being, this is one of the reasons we don’t have advertising on the omdb! website. It clutters things up and I’m pretty sure our viewers get plenty of advertising on most other websites they visit. I don’t like ads that take time to load, blink at me, or try to razzle dazzle me into buying something, even if I want to buy it. The other reasons we don’t have ads include, it takes extra time to code them, everyone wants their ad to be in the same place on the website as everyone else’s add, and I don’t  have the time, patience, or staff to devote time to it.


I’m not against Amazon.com, although I sometimes have a love/hate relationship with them – much like my annoyance with Acorn. I have pre-ordered 4 different DVDs now and each one has been delayed in shipping because of “over whelming demand.” Over whelming demand? Isn’t that what pre-ordering is all about? Getting an idea of how many items you might need and getting the stock to meet that anticipated need? Since the “exclusive” Acorn access to New Tricks, Midsomer Murders, Poirot, etc. actually means waiting around for a shipment long after the promised release date, in each case, I could have saved myself up to $15 per order had I gone with Amazon.com (and they allow pre-ordering, too, but the release date is after Acorn’s exclusivity runs out – about a month later, I think).


I’ve mentioned before that we used to code in a link to Amazon.com for books and DVDs reviewed on our website. For those who don’t know, or don’t remember, if a person visits our website, reads a review and decides to buy the book or DVD, and clicks on the “Buy this?” link on our website, Amazon.com pays us a few cents. Not much, mind you. Last year we earned $1.53, I believe it was. We toss this “profit” into the kitty and use it to buy more new short stories, articles, and interviews. (All of our reviews are written in exchange for copies of the book(s) being reviewed.) Thank goodness the costs of actually running the website are underwritten by my husband who has a real, paying job, which he can’t retire from until he’s about 93 years old because in addition to the website, we have cats to feed!


I’ll admit, I’m fickle when it comes to loyalty to Amazon or Acorn. I avoid whichever company has annoyed me the most in recent weeks, or days. However, if you have no objections to buying from Amazon.com, and are planning to buy a particular book or DVD anyway, and we have a “Buy this?” link… Whew! That’s a lot of ifs. Please click on our “Buy this?” link and it will take you to Amazon.com for your purchase. This is referred to as a “click thru.” Simple enough, right? Oh, and don’t forget to come back to the omdb! website. We thank you.



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