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WINTERKILL: A Joe Pickett Novel

By CJ Box

Berkley Prime Crime, June 1st, 2004 (Paperback)
ISBN: 0-425-19595-3

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

Wyoming's much maligned game warden, Joe Pickett returns for his newest adventure WINTERKILL the third in this wonderful series. Atthe opening of the book, a well known, but not necessarilywell liked forest service supervisor goes on a wild shooting spree killing almost a herd of elk. After Joe makes the arrest in a terrible snow storm the man escapes only to be found a short time late murdered in a most horrible way.

The sheriff soon arrests a local man, who has lived almost as a hermit since moving there. He raises falcons and minds his own business. Joe finds himself drawn to the stranger and soon finds himself convinced the man is innocent.

While trying to help him Joe discovers that the biological mother of April, his foster childhas returned and is in the company of a well armed group of survivalists that call themselves the Sovereigns. Among the members are survivors of Ruby Ridge, Waco and members of the Montana Freeman.

Amid one of the worst snowstorms of the season a sociopath FBI agent is called in to help deal with the Sovereigns as the search continues for the real killer of the forest service supervisor. Add to all this the fear that Joe feels for the safety of the child that he has come to love as he does his own.

Each addition to the "Joe Pickett" series only serves to endure the character more to this reader. Joe is so very human with flaws all his own, a love for his family and the job he struggles to do. Joe has an inherent trust in people and always tries to do what he feels is right. Bring on the next in the series. I am hooked.

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