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An Isabel Dalhousie Mystery

By Alexander McCall Smith

Vintage Canada, 2006 ($19.95)
Anchor, (US) -- August, 2006 ($12.95)

Reviewed by Dawn Crawford

Isabel Dalhousie is a fun character; she comes across as smart, witty, but flawed, which makes her all the more likeable.

She studied philosophy and was left an inheritance, so she really doesn't need to work for a living, but to keep busy she works part-time as a general editor for the Review of Applied Ethics.

Isabel is a logical person who looks at problems from a scientific view. However her view may have to change in order to help Ian, a recent heart transplant patient. Ian is seeing images that are not related to his memory. Is it possible they are linked to his donor?

In an easygoing manner, this book weighs the logical and illogical side of memory transfer. The story line was good and seemed to be building up to an exciting ending, instead it just fizzled out, very disappointing!

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