A Scumble River Mystery (Book #10)

By Denise Swanson

Signet, April, 2008 ($7.99)

ISBN-13: 978-0451223685

Reviewed by Miriam Martinez

Another hit in the Scumble River series. In this book, school librarian Skye Denison gets registered by her mom in a cooking contest, which by itself is quite a hilarious situation because Skye is just not into cooking. During the event, one of the contestants — whose name by the way is Cherry Alexander — is found dead in a chocolate fountain and this is where the sleuthing begins. As usual, there are lots of suspects with motive — and opportunity — to commit the murder, and you will be kept guessing till the end.

This book, as the rest in the series so far, is great. I am a fan of the Scumble River series and I just think every book gets better, not only because the mysteries are always well crafted, but because Ms. Swanson just gets to develop really likeable characters. Now, I can't wait to read the following book in the series because I am also curious about what will happen with Skye's and Police Chief Wally's relationship, which apparently is becoming more serious.

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