A Chocoholic Mystery (#7)

By Joanna Carl

Signet, August, 2007 ($6.99)

ISBN-13: 978-0451221889

Reviewed by Miriam Martinez

Newly married Lee and Joe Woodyard were visiting their neighbors when three burglars came inside to steal a very famous and expensive collection of diamonds. In those same days, their aunt Gina vanished without further explanation, and the only person who might know something is the nosy neighbor Harold Glick. Should they ask him about Gina even if that means the entire neighborhood will find out about it? Did Gina's disappearance have anything to do with the burglary? Was Aunt Gina actually involved in the crime and is this the reason for her vanishing? These are all questions that Lee and Joe are asking themselves, but they need to make up their minds soon about how to proceed if they want to not only find the thief but also their dear Aunt Gina.

As a fan of the Chocoholic mystery series, I was really expecting much of this book, but I have to say I was rather disappointed. The author kept adding unrealistic turns and twists to the plot that make the story totally unbelievable, and the book happened to be quite predictable. I really hope the following entries of the series recover that lovely touch that made us fans of this tasty series.

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