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A novel in voices

Edited by Karin Slaughter

William Morrow, 2004 $21.95
ISBN: 0-06-058330-4

Reviewed by Shirley H. Wetzel

After reading this fascinating book, you'll never look at the usually innocuous and innocent charm bracelet the same way again.Fifteen mystery and suspense authors, including Slaughter, Lee Child, Peter Robinson and Jerrilyn Farmer, write sixteen interconnecting stories centering around the individual charms of a bracelet that travels far through time and space, from the back woods of 1803 Georgia to an antebellum plantation on the Mississippi River, over the pond to England in 1943, ending up finally back in present-day Georgia.There are no lucky charms on this bracelet. The lives of the unfortunate folks through whose hands it passes are changed forever, in ways that vary from minor inconvenience to major catastrophe.The stories range from whimsical to grotesque, and there's not a clunker among them.

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