A Book Collector Mystery (Book #1)

By Victoria Abbott

Berkley; March, 2013 ($7.99)

ISBN-13: 978-0425255285

Reviewed by Miriam Martinez
(February, 20914)

Jordan Kelly has just been hired to find a rare manuscript written by Agatha Christie. Her employer, Vera Van Alst, is not only an avid book collector but also the most hated citizen of Harrison Falls, which can make things more complicated than they seem. Jordan knows that first of all she needs to find out whether that manuscript really exists or if someone is just trying to find a way to get Mrs. Alst's money. As Jordan starts investigating, she discovers that Alex, the man who worked for Vera Van Alst before her, died in a suspicious accident which she actually believes was an act of murder. As soon as she starts getting clues that might lead her to Christie's manuscript, other people — including herself — become targets of murder attempts as well. Why would someone want to have Alex killed? What had he found that made someone feel compelled to get rid of him? Why didn't Mrs. Alst say anything about it if she apparently knows more than she expresses? Will Jordan herself be the next victim?

I truly enjoyed reading this book. I think the characters are well developed and every situation is credible. As with any good mystery, you don't really see the ending coming and every detail of the mystery was really well-crafted. Great piece, I'm anxious to get hold of the following book in the series!

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