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By Patricia Carlon

Soho Press, November 1998 $12

Reviewed by Sue Johnson

Larapinta, Australia. Where nothing much ever happens. Then one day a 14-year-old girl drowns. Did she fall from the bridge or was she pushed? A witness has seen a fair haired woman dressed in white running from the scene. The one fair haired woman that could be seen in that area is a young widow named Gabriel Endicot. She departed from the bus and walked right by the bridge where the girl drowned but denies any involvement.

No one seems to believe her, including her best friend and cousin. As Gabriel searches desperately for answers, the reader rides the wave of rising panic.

It was a real pleasure to read a mystery set in the interesting world down under. Mounting anxiety has the reader sitting on the edge of their seats. I will look forward to more books by this author.

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