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by Jane Kelly

ISBN: 0937548413

Reviewed by Karen Meek

This is the second Meg Daniels book, set a few months after the events in KILLING TIME IN OCEAN CITY, and finds Meg again boyfriendless. Meg is someone to whom, if it can go wrong, it will go wrong. When she won a romantic weekend in a guesthouse in Cape May back in December, little did she realise she would be spending it alone in January. Oh why hadn't she taken the TV prize instead?

Meg's first night sets the tone for the rest of her weekend when she accidentally locks herself out on her room's balcony and has to resort to shinning down the roof wearing only a nightgown. Then the next day she notices that the wife in the room next door is a different woman than the wife that checked in the previous day. Meg's only proof - the difference in ankle size between the two women.

The Bed and Breakfast's hosts, the excitable George and laconic Claude, are somewhat sceptical but George has a solution. A born matchmaker, he endeavours to fix Meg up with his friend Hank, who apart from being the guesthouse's occasional handyman, is also a Government investigator.

Hank, a Robert Redford lookalike is content to humour Meg and do a little nosing around. They soon discover that most of the guests aren't who they claim to be. As homage to her absent PI ex-boyfriend, Andy, Meg decides to get to the bottom of the matter.

CAPE MAYHEM is even funnier than the previous book. As well as Meg's amusing asides, the plot is like something from Hitchcock but crossed with a French farce and the comments made by Claude on his partner's behaviour are worthy of a Georgette Heyer hero. If that's not enough, let me tell you that Meg is a woman who eats fudge with her mystery novel….before breakfast.

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