By Randy Overbeck


Publisher: Wild Rose Press (July 20, 2020)
Format: Trade paper
Price: $ 18.99
ISBN-13: 978-1-5092-3163-8 (Trade paper)

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The Haunted Shores Mysteries (Book 2)


Reviewed by Shirley Wetzel
(September, 2020)


The last time Darrell Henshaw helped a ghost, he lost his job, lost his girl, and almost lost his life. When a young woman in a blood-soaked wedding gown pleads with him to save her and the other girls, his inclination is to run away. Nevertheless, she persists, following him through the streets of Cape May. Why did nobody mention that Cape May, New Jersey, is known as the most haunted seaport on the east coast?

After being fired from his teaching and coaching job in Wilshire, Maryland on trumped up charges, Darrell travels to Cape May to assist in a one-month high school football camp and to ponder his next move. One of the players, Josh, tells Darrell that his sister has been missing for two weeks, and asks for his help posting flyers. Josie is not the only young girl to go missing in the area recently, causing Darrell to wonder if there is a connection with the missing girls and his ghostly bride.

Darrell is not without friends in Wilshire and Cape May. He and his love, Erin, reconnect, and she joins his quest to figure out what the bloody bride is asking for. He gets a boost on the ghostly side from a hooker/medium in Wilshire as well as a one hundred-year-old hooker/spirit in Cape May. Added to the team is fifteen-year-old Cassie, a Goth runaway who, like Darrell, sees dead people.

They find links to people of wealth and power, people who will go to any lengths to stop their investigation. One of the team is run down, another is poisoned, and Darrell and Erin are assaulted with a deadly weapon that rattles, but they carry on.

CRIMSON AT CAPE MAY is the second in the Haunted Shore Mysteries trilogy, following BLOOD ON THE CHESAPEAKE. Both are rollicking good ghost stories that are centered on serious issues. In the first book, it’s racism, past and present. The second deals with the ugly world of human trafficking. Darrell is a wonderful protagonist, an ordinary man put into extraordinary situations and rising to the challenge. The other characters are well-drawn and believable, and the settings in cities by the shore add richness to the story. Fans of good mysteries in fun settings, with more than bit of woo-woo, will enjoy this book and the trilogy. Recommended. 

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