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By Candice Dow

Grand Central Publishing, June 30, 2011 ($14.99)

ISBN-10: 0446179531
ISBN-13: 978-0446179539
Kindle Edition: $9.99

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

London Reed had planned to become a veterinarian, except she wasn't accepted into veterinary school. Her high-powered mother considers London's idea of starting a dog-walking service to be entirely beneath her and arranges a job for London with William Thorne, a senior investment banker. Within a few months, budget cuts cost London her job, however her sexy boss offers her something she isn't prepared to refuse: Have sex with him... for money. Thorne leads London into the world of high-priced call girls; a life-style she quickly becomes addicted to, even though it may lead her directly to jail.

The author has written a compelling tale, although it won't appeal to all readers, given the subject matter and the explicit demands of the job London encounters. It's not just about sex, of course, it's about life choices. The reader may not agree or approve of London's choices but the author has created such a likeable character, the reader will be pondering those choices long after finishing the book.

A reading group guide is included, as is an excerpt from the author's next book, GIRLFRIEND CONFIDENTIAL. I usually don't read excerpts for upcoming books but I glanced at the last page of the excerpt and was instantly hooked. I can hardly wait until GIRLFRIEND CONFIDENTIAL is released. I'll be one of the first in line to buy it (or order it online, which is even faster!)

The author has written several other novels including CAUGHT IN THE MIX, AIN'T NO SUNSHINE, A HIRE LOVE, and TAPPIN' ON THIRTY. This is the first book I've read by this author. I look forward to reading others.

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