By Laura Lippman

Avon, 1998
ISBN 0-380-79846-8

Reviewed by S. E. Warwick

Calling all "Bulimur" aficionados. Put on your Orioles caps and settle down to enjoy the latest Tess Monaghan chronicle. The sense of place in this book is very strong. Indeed, you can almost hear the crowds cheer or hiss from Camden Yard as the players in this Baltimore series move around their city unraveling evil deeds.

Third in the series, Butcher’s Hill gives enough history to keep the reader from being totally lost as to how Tess Monaghan came to be hanging out her PI shingle in front of a tired row house office in a less than chic part of Washington’s blue collar neighbor.

The family angle plays a strong part in the story with clever use of the old maxim "if there is a gun on the wall in the first act it must be fired by the time the curtain falls."

Though the scenario is familiar, Lippman brings Tess Monaghan and her family and city to life. This trip around Baltimore and its environs and through the darker side of the welfare system is well worth the fare.

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