A County Cork Mystery

By Sheila Connolly

Berkley, February, 2013 ($7.99)

ISBN-13: 978-0425251898

Reviewed by Miriam Martinez

Maura Donovan decided to travel to Ireland to honor the promise she made to her grandmother before she died. Once in small County Cork, Ireland, she gets a little overwhelmed to realize how different things are there from Boston. For one thing, everybody seems to share the same name and everybody seems to be related to one another so it's confusing to know who is who. As if this were not enough, she has to learn to drive a car with a stick shift, and always on the left side of the road! Could it get any worse? Well, in no time she will realize it can! A body has been found in a bog, and soon after, one of the locals has been found murdered. When Maura is becoming convinced that there has been too much excitement in her life for a week, she finds herself the target of someone who apparently wants her out of the way. Why is this happening to her? Must she go back to Boston and keep on with her old life? Must she stay in Ireland and accept the job offer she just got at a local pub? And most importantly, must she get involved in the murder investigation?

This book, which is the first in the County Cork mystery series by Sheila Connolly, is a very delightful read. The author really makes you taste the life in a small Irish village, and you can actually feel you are there! The mystery itself, although really well developed, tends to be a little slow, but this book is definitely worth reading for its culturally rich atmosphere and the great portrayal of the characters. I will definitely be looking forward to the following books in the series.

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