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By John Sanford

Putnam, May 10th, 2005
ISBN: 0-399-15272-5

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

At the opening of John Sanford's newest book, BROKEN PREY we find Lucas Davenport on his own at home. His wife and family are in London and he is once again on the trail of a cunning serial killer.

Lucas is now serving as a Minnesota State Bureau of Criminal Apprehension investigator. When a young woman is found murdered and "scourged" over her entire body with a wire whip the governor fears political repercussions and quickly assigns Lucas the case.

Other odd and bizarre murders soon follow with no apparent ties to each other. The clues of the trail soon point to a man named Charlie Pope, who in all honesty is a bit too slow mentally to have committed these crimes.

Lucas also doubts Charlie's guilty but pursues him in search of more information. Lucas feels the crimes are the work of a smart, well planned killer.

Along the way we are treated to Lucas's strange sense of humor and his quest for the top 100 rock songs of all times. His wife, Weather has gifted him with an IPOD and a certificate for 100 downloads. It seems that every cop he comes in contact with has a song to add to Lucas's list.

I have followed John Sanford's Prey Series as a devout fan for many years. I really enjoyed this book because for a change the killer was not revealed until the final chapters. I always enjoy a challenge and must say this is one whodunit that I was slow to solve.

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