By Lilian Jackson Braun

G.P.Putnam's Sons, N.Y., 1997
ISBN: 0-399-14210-X

Setting: Pickax, Moose County, 400 miles north of everywhere

Reviewed by: J.L. Buck

Everytime I pick up one of the "Cat Who . . . " series, I wonder why. By the time I've finished the book, the answer is apparent - that warm fuzzy feeling only associated with such things as a hot toddy on a winter evening or a long, cool drink of lemonade in July, or the antics of KoKo, Yum Yum and the incredible residents of Moose County. Braun's lighthearted fare is an enjoyable and soothing break from the reality of the evening news. If the idea of crime-solving cats and a man who receives clues from the twitching of his mustache doesn't put you off, then this may be the series for you!

THE CAT WHO TAILED A THIEF is the nineteenth Cat Who . . . mystery and typical of the series. As usual, something is amiss in Moose County. This time it's a mid-winter outbreak of petty larcenty: sunglasses, gloves, video tapes, the most unexpected and trivial items. Jim Qwilleran, part-time reporter, wealthy entrepreneur, and most importantly owner (or slave) of two Siamese cats, KoKo and Yum Yum, has just become the latest crime victim. A box of old clothes he had donated to charity was stolen from the drop box.

But petty larceny isn't the only trouble in Pickax. The new banker is murdered in a mugging while out of town; a wealthy Pickax bride is poisoned on her New Orleans' honeymoon; and, the cats are acting strangely again. Could there be a sinister connection? Qwill has been so busy with the holidays, the Gingerbread Alley restoration project, his columns for the Moose County Something and his relationship with Polly that he hasn't given it all much thought, but Koko has been less distracted. Pull up a chair - our feline friend is about to make everything clear.

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