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The Body in the Bookcase
By Katherine Hall Page

William Morrow & Co., 1998 $22.00 (244 pages).

Reviewed by Shirley H. Wetzel

The tranquility of the town of Aleford, Massachusetts is shattered by a series of burglaries. The criminals seem to be "pros," choosing only fine antiques, jewelry, and silver. When Faith Miller, a ministerís wife, calls on a parishioner, she finds the elderly widow dead, bound to her favorite chair, with her head in a bookcase. It is obvious the woman died after a desperate struggle to seek help, and Faith is both heart-broken and enraged. When the police seem unable or unwilling to solve the crimes, Faith, a close friend of the deceased, vows to find the culprits. Despite pleas from her husband and demands from the police to stay out of it, she becomes even more determined after she, too, is victimized.

At the same time her catering company, Have Faith, is preparing for an elaborate society wedding. The bride-to-be is both demanding and capricious, and as the big event draws closer Faith and her staff are pushed to the limits of their patience. Faith does get a break, though, when the brideís father, a charming and prosperous antiques dealer, gives her entree into the shady backstage world of the antiques trade. She recovers some of her belongings, but almost loses her life in the process.

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