By Katherine Hall Page


Publisher: William Morrow  (May, 2019)
Format: Hardcover
Price: $25.99
ISBN-13: 978-0-06-286325-6

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A Faith Fairchild Mystery  (Book 25)


Reviewed by Shirley Wetzel
(June, 2019)


Faith and Tom Fairchild and their best friends Pix and Sam Miller have been enjoying summers on Sampere Island, Maine, since their children were small. This summer is special: the Miller’s daughter Samantha is marrying her sweetheart, and the whole island has wedding fever.

For a change, Tom will be spending most of the summer with Faith and their teenage daughter Amy. He’s on leave from his pastoral post in Aleford, Massachusetts to write a book. Amy, following in her mother’s culinary footsteps, is working in the kitchen of the Sampere Shores Conference Center, and she’s getting glowing reviews from the chef and the center’s owners.

Faith’s plans for an idyllic summer get off to a bumpy start when she finds a dead body on the edge of the pond near her home. Sure, that’s happened lots of times back in Aleford, but this is a first in Maine. As always, Tom warns her not to play sleuth, and this time she really does try. Circumstances, however, keep putting her on the front lines. She doesn’t recognize the dead man, but she’ll never forget the slithering green viper tattooed on his arm. She will see it again, in similar circumstances.

In the weeks ahead there will be hijinks and fun, sailing and feasting and drinking, wacky wedding snafus and conviviality with the friends on the island. When the chef at the conference is incapacitated by a mysterious illness, Faith even gets to hone her cooking skills in his place.

There are also tragedies, calamities, and secrets that may end in sorrow. Everything that happens involves the very real opioid crisis that is ravaging the northeast. Vermont has been especially hit hard. The drugs spare no one. Motorcycle gangs, college students, women with young children, people from all stations in life are fodder for the mill.

The mystery in this, the twenty-fifth Faith Fairchild novel, is slight, the crimes all revolving around the drug crisis. It is a major epidemic in the northeast, and it’s a growing problem all over the country. The author takes the subject matter seriously. The details of the crisis are skillfully woven into the story, and information about what’s being done about it is included as well. Recommended.

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