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by Jonathon King

Dutton Press, 2002,
259 pages, $22.95.
ISBN: 0525946438

Reviewed by Rick McMahan

THE BLUE EDGE OF MIDNIGHT is the first novel by Jonathon King, journalist turned mystery writer.

THE BLUE EDGE OF MIDNIGHT centers around Max Freeman, a former Philadelphia police officer who is haunted by the young boy he shot during a robbery call. Running from his past, and trying to just get away, Freeman moved to Florida where he lives a simple existence in a shack in the Everglades. However, his self-imposed exile is ruined when he comes upon a child's body dumped in the river. The child isn't the first, nor the last, in a series of child abductions and murders, which have occurred in housing evelopments at the edge of the Everglades. Freeman knows that since he found the child's body that the police will look at him as a suspect, but when the murderer tries to frame Freeman for the homicides, Max is forced to hunt down the murderer as an act of self-preservation.

One of the interesting things of this novel is that the majority of it centers around and takes place in the Everglades or on the edges of the wilderness. King's descriptive detail is vivid, and he has a great ability at describing a scene, as well as telling a well-spun tale. Whether it's Freeman skidding around a corner and into a gunfight on Philly street, or paddling his canoe through the sultry depths of the Everglades, King pulls the reader into the scene right alongside Max Freeman. Hopefully, we will see more of Jonathon King's work in the near future.

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