By Michael Connelly
Little Brown Books, 391 pages, 1998, $23.95.

Reviewed by Rick McMahan (5/98)

I don't make it a secret or make any bones about it, in my opinion the best mystery author going today is Michael Connelly and his tales of LAPD Homicide cop, Harry Bosch. When Connelly first veered from the Bosch series with THE POET, I was a little leery of this tale. However, my fears were allayed when I read the first few chapters. Connelly then came back with arguably one of the best in the Bosch series, TRUNK MUSIC, and now he has again taken a break from Harry Bosch in latest book, BLOOD WORK.

Terrell McCaleb is having a second time at living after being blessed with a heart-transplant. The fast paced work as an FBI agent tracking down serial killers took its toll on McCaleb's health, forcing him into an early medical retirement. Fortunately, before he died, a donor gave him a new heart. As we join McCaleb, he is slowly recovering--going about his solitary rehabilitation aboard a sailboat. Then a young lady comes to his boat. She wants him to look into the death of her sister who was killed by an armed robber at a convenience store. McCaleb is about to turn her down when the lady sets the hook in Terrell McCaleb. The woman who was gunned down in a convenience store was the one who gave McCaleb his knew heart.

As McCaleb starts to look into this murder that gave him life, he discovers that this was not a random street crime, but possibly one of a series of crimes linked together. When McCaleb finds the answers to the questions of why the murders were done, he has to face a horrifying and dark truth, one of life and death.

Again, Connelly has woven a tight story with plenty of twists and turns sure to keep you enthralled until you finish the last line, close the book and sit back. Satisfied.

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