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BLIND DESCENT: An Anna Pigeon mystery.
By Nevada Barr

Avon Twilight, April, 1999 (paperback, 364 pages) $6.99

Reviewed by Shirley H. Wetzel

Park ranger Anna Pigeon doesn't mind climbing mountains, but she hates caves. When one of her best friends is hurt in the little-known caverns of Lechuguilla, she asks for Anna to help in her rescue and Anna must overcome her fears to help get the woman out.

When she reaches Frieda after a harrowing descent, the semi-conscious woman whispers that her "accident" wasn't. Anna begins to suspect that at least one of the the small team of spelunkers is not what he, or she, seems.

When she reaches the surface, she tries to convince the powers-that-be that someone caused Frieda's injuries, but no one believes her, even after one of the team is murdered and she narrowly escapes death.

As usual, Ms. Barr crafts a highly suspenseful and interesting tale. The caving scenes are vivid and frightening, the characters are well-defined, and the description of the scenery detailed.

Othe books in this series include: ENDANGERED SPECIES, FIRESTORM, and ILL WIND.

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