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By Kinky Friedman

Simon & Schuster, 1998. $23.00

Reviewed by Shirley H. Wetzel

In which fictional ex-country singer turned private eye Kinky Friedman is conked on the head by a chunk of plaster shaken loose by the lesbian dance class on the floor above his Greenwich Village loft and finds himself back where it all began, 20 years ago.

We are introduced to the colorful characters who will become his Village Irregulars: Ratso, of the coonskin cap and colorful wardrobe of dead menís clothes, who offers Kinky hospitality on his skid-marked couch, Rambam, young, handsome rabbinical student and Nazi hunter, with many valuable talents of a less spiritual nature, irrepressible actor Tom Baker, song writer-turned businessman Chinga Chavez, and newsman Mike McGovern. Kinky gets his first taste of Jamesons and acquires his beloved Negro puppet head. An old friend from the 60ís shows up with a new name, Barry Freed, and a new nose. He is on the lam and apparently being pursued by someone who wants him dead, and it is up to the Kinkster to figure it all out.

Kinkyís new girlfriend Judy also has ghosts from the past and secrets she doesnít share until itís almost too late. And Kinky meets a girl in a peach colored dress who gives him a clue and leaves a lasting memory.

Kinky is at his irreverent, quirky best.

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