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By Tim Dorsey

Harper, 2007, c2006 ($7.99)

ISBN-10: 0060585633
ISBN-13: 978-0-06-058563-1

Reviewed by Shirley H. Wetzel

Whacky serial killer Serge A. Storms and his whacked-out buddy Coleman, who usually ply their trade in Florida, head for the Hollywood Hills of California on the advice of Serge's dying grandfather. That's okay with Serge, who is hard at work writing a screenplay after his novel, Chicken Soup for the F---d up Chicken Soup Book Buyer, was cruelly rejected by several publishers. The cast of characters is even stranger than usual, as Dorsey pokes fun at several Hollywood stereotypes: the model/actress Naomi Passious and her on again-off-again-on again etc. sweetie, boy band member Jason Geddy, Werner B. Potemkin, the volatile director of the wildly over budget and over schedule movie All that Glitters, the Glick brothers, slimy, date-raping high rollers and previous owners of the studio producing the movie, and Ford Oelman and Mark Costa, who gave up a career in pretzel sales in the Midwest to seek fame and fortune in the movie biz. And there are more, many more, involved in several plot lines that, as always with Dorsey, all come together in the end.

Serge is miffed that California has stolen Florida's weirdness crown, and he aims to get it back. While he's doing that, he gets caught up in a kidnap case, does a little robbery, breaking and entering, all the usual. We get to see the tender side of Serge in his relationship with his grandfather, and for some reason, grief, maybe?, he leaves far fewer corpses in his wake in this outing. This is the ninth book in the Serge series, and his fans won't be disappointed.

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