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By Giles Blunt

G P Putnam's Sons, June 1, 2005
ISBN: 0-399-15255-5

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

Canada's Algonquin Bay is about as far from the bustle and crime of a city as any place can be. Excitement is not often placed so subtly on a working cop's plate as this case.

When a lovely young red haired woman wanders into the local bar most of the male patrons take notice. She is a bit disheveled, seems unsure of who she is and is quite placidly happy about anything that is offered her.

John Cardinal, a homicide detective was passing time at the bar and feels that something is not quite right. He gently escorts her from the bar before she gets herself into serious trouble. When he realizes from conversation that she has no idea who or where she is he takes her to the local hospital where a startling discovery is made. All that beautiful red hair was disguising a bullet wound to her head, the bullet is still lodged and is causing the amnesia symptoms.

John and his partner Lise Delorne quickly begin to try to discover who the girl is and why someone would want her dead.

"Red," the nickname they have given the girl, soon begins to recover some of her memory but nothing very helpful. Linksbegin to appearto a local motorcycle club, drug dealings, and even Cuban cult worshippers.

Giles Blunt is a Silver Dagger Winner, who has chosen to take true crimes and use them as the basis for his novels. His characters are complex with lives both on and off the law enforcement deck. Inthis case I could imagine the shock of discovery ofa bullet lodged in a victim's head that was up and moving and the victim's confusion over her memory loss and hidden past.

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