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By Georges Simenon

Penguin Books, 2007 ($12.00)
ISBN-13: 978-0-14-311196-2

Reviewed by Dawn Crawford

Inspector Maigret has got himself into a bit of a predicament, and it is going to take all his strength and intellect to get him out of this one.

On a whim he jumps off a train that is still moving, and in the process manages to get shot and lose his identity card. When he awakens in the hospital the officials in the small French town of Bergerac think he is a criminal, a madman who is killing and terrorizing their town.

This case possesses a number of problems for Inspector Maigret; first he must clear his name, and then he must try to solve the crime from the confines of his hotel bed.

This is one of many Inspector Maigret mysteries that the prolific writer Georges Simenon wrote in his lifetime.

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