By David Baldacci

Warner Books
November 1996, $7.50 ISBN: 0-446-60358-9

Reviewed by Cherie Jung (3/98)

This is another book I failed to read when everyone else was reading and raving about it. I didn't have any real interest until after I'd seen the movie starring Clint Eastwood and Ed Harris. (Click here will call up my review of the movie if you're interested.) I finally picked up a copy of the book (seventh printing) last month after watching the movie again on laserdisc.

My main complaint with the movie was that it had such a weak and implausible ending.

I am pleased to note that the ending in the book is much more realistic and much more satisfying. If for no other reason, than to get the lingering dissatisfaction from the bad movie ending out of your system, I would recommend reading the book.

As will happen when a book is made into a movie, some characters are deleted and some become composites of other characters. In this case, most notably, the character of Seth Frank in the movie was not quite the Seth Frank of the book, but it is a difference that will not, or should not spoil either medium for you.

For a sizzling tale of what is sounding more and more like "politics as usual," I'd recommend reading ABSOLUTE POWER. I think once you start reading, you won't stop until you've finished the very last page.

Other books by this author: TOTAL CONTROL (1997).

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