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A Pauline Sokol Mystery
By Lori Avocato

Avon, October 2005
Paperback ($6.99)
ISBN: 0-06-073167-2

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

Pauline Sokol is a former nurse, now working as a medical insurance fraud investigator. Her current undercover assignment has resulted in her being committed to a mental institution, against her will, and she's having trouble convincing the nuns who run the place that she's really sane.

This is the third book in this hilarious series. A fourth book is scheduled to be released in May, 2006. Frankly, I wish Ms. Avocato could write and publish a book a month. I know that isn't feasible, but I do love Pauline's adventures and I find it hard to wait for the next new book in the series to be released.

Pauline is a spunky sleuth with not quite enough common sense to keep herself out of trouble as she goes undercover on various assignments. In this case, she's investigating a scam but winds up in a mental institution, and on a killer's hit list. Luckily for her, she has plenty of family (they're a bit kooky, too) and some "sanity-challenged" friends to help her out of a sticky situation...even if the sexy, mysterious, crime-fighting Jagger is reluctant to lend a helping hand.

If you like your mysteries to be entertaining, with a healthy dose of humor, and your heroines plucky, this is a series you'll want to discover. It's sort of a cozy with a kick. The author's breezy writing style will have you turning pages so fast, you'll be wanting her to write a book a month just as I do, because you will have had so much fun tagging along on this adventure, you'll want to start another one right away.

Other titles in this series include: A DOSE OF MURDER and THE STIFF AND THE DEAD.

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The next title in the series is DEEP SEA DEAD and is scheduled for publication in May, 2006.

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