By Lucy Arlington

Berkley, February 2012 ($7.99)

ISBN-13: 978-0425246191

Reviewed by Miriam Martinez

Journalist Lila Wilkins gets fired from the newspaper and, desperate for a job, accepts work as an intern at the literary agency A Novel Idea. During her first day at work, a homeless man who used to visit the agency regularly with a query letter gets murdered. Nobody seems to care much for the dead man, but Lila feels compelled to investigate the crime. Lila thinks all the agents are suspects of the crime until one of the agents gets murdered, too. Now, she needs to find if there is any connection between the two killings.

This is a very well crafted mystery, full of twists and a very friendly character that will keep you wanting to read more about her in the future. A great debut of a promising series.

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