Edcom: Scott Peterson was recently convicted of murdering his wife and their unborn child, Connor. He dumped his wife's body into the waters of San Francisco Bay. Both bodies washed ashore and were discovered.

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33 Reasons My Brother Scott Peterson Is Guilty

By Anne Bird

ReganBooks, March 1, 2005 ($25.95)
ISBN: 0060838574

Reviewed by Teri Tomlinson

As a reviewer I found this book interesting.

Scott Peterson led a bizarre life.

Anne Bird,his little known sister, has found a new sense of self-importance in being his sister.

This book is more about her analysis of the situation than being grounded in fact.She makes herself and her sense of self-importancethe key to what was happening in this situation.

It takes until the 200+ pages before you find the 33 reasons he may have murdered his wifeLaci.

It is an interesting read if you can get past the self-sacrificing importance of the author.

I found out more detail watching the news.

I do recommend reading this long...often drawn out book.

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