A Seaside Knitters Mystery

By Sally Goldenbaum

Obsidian, 2013 ($24.99)

ISBN-13: 978-0-451-41534-9

Reviewed by Shirley Wetzel

Izzy Perry is expecting her first child very soon, and she should be over-the-moon happy. She has a wonderful husband, loving and supportive friends, and lives in the beautiful, peaceful beachside community of Sea Harbor, but she isn't. Something is just not right, something is off in her world, and she vows that her baby will not be born until that off-ness is righted. Every morning, during her daily run along the beach, she sees a baby's car seat sitting on a rock, seemingly abandoned. There are no families with babies around to account for this anomaly, and it worries her. Even more disturbing is that she recognizes the soft yellow angora wool of the blanket in the car seat: wool that was in her yarn shop only a few months ago.

Izzy's obstetrician, Lily Virgilio, is an asset to the community, running a free health clinic for those in need in addition to handling her busy private practice. Izzy and her friends are happy to lend their support in any way they can, and they all looked forward to the gala fund raiser. The event is marred by the theft of a valuable piece of jewelry donated anonymously. In this close-knit community, suspicion falls on the few outsiders in town.

Izzy's unease turns out to be all too valid. The jewel theft is followed by two murders, one of them of a harmless and well-loved old man. The tight-knit community fears that outsiders may have brought this trouble to their town; or, worse, that the crimes might have been committed by one of their own.

The Seaside Knitters put their heads together, with help from their significant others, to find out who is responsible for the tragic events. They know the truth must come out, even if that truth may hurt people they know and love.

Sea Harbor is an enchanting place, with people one would love to have as friends and neighbors. The setting is beautiful and well-drawn, the plot is skillfully laid out, with unforeseen twists and turns, and there is interesting and helpful information on knitting — just enough to add color to the story, not too much. The Sea Harbor folks love their food and drink, and the vivid description of their meals will make the reader's mouth water. A knitting pattern and recipe are included to add to the enjoyment of this likable series.

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