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MAXIMUM RIDE: The Angel Experiment

By James Patterson

Little, Brown, April 11th, 2005
ISBN: 031615556X

Young Adult: Fantasy

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

Maximum Ride is like any other 14 year old girl -- well almost -- except for the fact that she plays mother to a group of kids ranging in age from 13 down to 6, all on the run because of their one shared but unbelievable trait.They are only 98 percent human. What you ask is the other 2 percent? Bird!

Yes, this rag tag group of children have wings and can fly. They were raised in a lab where they were genetically created and treated less than human. When one of the scientist, a man named Jeb, helped them escape they vowed they would never return.

However Jeb has vanished and the Erasers have discovered their hiding place. The Erasers are also a genetic experiment -- part wolf, part human, who have been trained to hunt down the bird children.

The children fight to remain free but when Angel, the group's youngest 6-year-old is taken they must return to the place of their nightmares to try and free her.

This book, MAXIMUM RIDE is an offshoot of James Patterson's previous adult titles, WHEN THE WIND BLOWS and THE LAKE HOUSE. He uses this book to cross over into the young adult field taking the popular bird children characters with him. The story is fast moving and alternates between Max's first person view and third person view for the remaining characters.

It was a great book but alas, in my book, James Patterson can write no wrong.

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