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By Donna Anders

Pocket Books, November, 1995 $5.99

Reviewed by Teri Tomlinson

This is an amazing book. Donna Anders writes with an intensity not unlike one of my favorite authors, Ann Rule. She spins a web of intrigue and mystery that draws you deeper and deeper into the warped mind of a child stalker. The terror you will feel is real, the friends and neighbors you know and trust will become suspect.

I strongly suggest that you lock your doors, bolt your windows, pour yourself a cup of hot chocolate and sit down facing the windows to read this chilling account of a family's worst nightmare.

Britt Hinson seems to be the only one who believes Katie's story about a flower man, one whose flowers appear out of nowhere and seem to become more bizarre as time goes by. At times Britt and her husband seem unsure as to what to believe, but Katie remains adamant that she is not doing this to herself.

How can he know their every move? Is it he who harms their animals? Could he be a friend? A relative? Could someone that close really want to harm them? And why? Is there one, or possibly more stalkers involved? Is he really entering their home, without their knowledge?

The answers will shock you, but I guarantee you will not put this book down until you finish it, and when you do your world will never be the same again.

I highly recommend this EXCELLENT book, it is an absolute page turner. You will be astounded at the author's total grasp of the situation, and her sensitivity to a child that no one quite believes. Ms. Anders really has a way with words, I anxiously await her next thrilling novel.

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