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By Lisa Gardner

Bantam, January 11th, 2005
ISBN: 0-553-80253-4

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

Catherine Gagnon has lead a difficult life. At a young age she is kidnapped, held in a darkened hole and raped repeatedly for over a month. She miraculously escapes and goes on to live what appears to be a normal life until the night a police sniper named Bobby Dodge, responds to an apparent hostage situation and shoots her husband in an attempt to save both her and her young son's life.

Massachusetts trooper Billy Dodge had no idea when he pulled the trigger just exactly what hell his life was about to become. The man he has killed was the son of a very well known, and rich judge who immediately files a murder case against him.

As the story continues, more is revealed of Catherine's life and her in-laws' attempts to gain custody of their grandson. It soon becomes apparent that Bobby Dodge may have been set up. The question is by who?

Lisa Gardner burst onto the mystery/suspense scenes in 1997 and won my dedication with her first book THE PERFECT HUSBAND.Her writing is always guaranteed to be a nail biter with a heart stopping twist at the end. ALONE was no exception to the rule. I would recommend any of Lisa Gardner's books to anyone looking for a good solid mystery.

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