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An Alex Delaware Novel
By Jonathan Kellerman

Ballantine Books, May 24, 2005
ISBN: 034546706-X

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

Eight years ago psychologist Alex Delaware was called in to evaluate two young teenage boys accused of the murder of an innocent two-year-old girl. The boys were sentenced and Alex has more or less forgotten the case.

That is true until a phone call from one of these boys, now 21, brings it all back. Rand, the young man, who has now been released, wants to tellAlex something more about the murders.

Even though Alex fears that Rand may have revenge on his mind he hears something in the young man's voice and goes to meet him. Rand does not show up for the meeting and is found shortly thereafter murdered.

Alex pairs up with his old friend, Lieutenant Milo Sturgis to try and discover if Rand was murdered for his involvement in the little girls' murder orperhaps the information he wished to give Alex or was it a random act of violence?

As Alex and Milo investigate they soon find themselves wrapped up in the memories of the trial, and lies and secrets that were kept well hidden years ago when the two teenagers were on trail.

This book, RAGE was my return to the world of Jonathan Kellerman. I had gotten a bit burnedoutbut the complexities and fine character development in this book have won me back.

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