By Anne George

Avon Books
June 1998

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

Anne George takes us on vacation with her wonderful "Southern Sisters," Mary Alice and Patricia Anne, in Murder Makes Waves.

Patricia Anne is a tiny 5 feet one inch, 50-something, retired school teacher. Mary Alice, her sister, is nothing like her at 6 feet 1 inch and 'admits' to weighing 250 pounds. She has also been married and widowed several times.

When life becomes too predictable in their Mobile, Alabama homes, Patricia Anne, also known as Mouse, informs Mary Alice that an adventure is needed. By the time the car is loaded, Patricia Anne's best friend Frances and her daughter Haley have also come along for the ride.

Soon after their arrival at Mary Alice's beachfront condo in Destin, Florida the dead bodies start to turn up.

When the first corpse turns out to be one of the sisters' newfound friends, they have no choice but to follow their nosy instincts and try to track down the killer.

Another death, few clues, a blossoming romance, and bad real estate deals soon have them hip deep in mystery.

These Southern Sisters offered a hilarious yet sentimental "We are family!" type ride on the way to solving these complicated murders.

This reader has discovered another Southern writer that was fun to read with just enough twists and turns to keep them coming back for more...

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