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A Smokey Dalton Novel
By Kris Nelscott

St. Martin's Paperbacks, June 18th, 2001
ISBN: 0312976437

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

The year is 1968. The setting: Memphis, Tennessee. The main character, Smokey Dalton, a young African American man who works as a private investigator.

The times are racially charged, a sanitation strike is in progress, and protests are being flamed into riots. Smokey had gone to school with a young man named Martin Luther King, Jr. and he is considered the black people's salvation.

Amid all this Smokey is visited by an unusual client. A pretty, well-to-do, young white woman. Smokey smells trouble on the wind. Miss Laura Hathaway says her mother has recently passed away. In her will is a bequest for Smokey. She wants to know who Smokey is and why her mother left him money,

This is not the first time Smokey has received money like this and he also wants to know why. Smokey and the young lady team up to try and discover what the two families have in common.

This is not an easy task, during a time when white and blacks are so stridently set against each other.

Woven through the story is Smokey's attempts to save a young black boy, Jimmy, from the streets, his role as protector when Martin Luther King, Jr. comes to town, and the horrifying mysteries buried so deep in Smokey's past.

In this first book, author Kris Nelscott sets the stage for a stunning new series. Smokey Dalton, is a black man with a dark past, looking forward to abrighter future. Smokey is forced to examine the feelings in his heart about who he is, what consequences his actions will bring, and how his character will grow and develop.

Kris Nelscott is also known as Kathryn Rusch an award winning Science Fiction author.

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