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By Ada Madison

Berkley, March 2012 ($7.99)

ISBN-13: 978-0425246672
Kindle eBook: $7.99

Reviewed by Miriam Martinez

Charlotte Crocker, the librarian at Henley College, was a hard working employee, a very good friend of Sophie Knowles, an admired mentor of several students, an avid lottery player and most recently a murder victim. No one can imagine why she was murdered or who did so, but Dr. Sophie Knowles feels the need to find out. As investigations progress, she discovers that nothing (and no one) is what they seem to be. Sophie not only finds herself in danger because of the murder investigation she is secretly conducting without the approval of the police, but to make things worse, her boyfriend Bruce has been caught in a storm while mountain climbing and has disappeared. Now she can't sleep at night and she doesn't know whether to blame Charlotte or Bruce for this, but she is determined to find the truth so that she can get her life back.

This is the second book in the "Professor Sophie Knowles" mystery series and it is definitely as great as the first one. Dr. Knowles has a very good and subtle sense of humour, and writer Ada Madison definitely knows how to keep the readers engaged. If you think you have guessed who did it, keep might find out you were wrong!

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