Commentary by Cherie Jung

(29 March, 2017)

That is the sound of me screaming silently, on paper, or rather, with computer keystrokes, in frustration.

Instead of experiencing crime vicariously through reading or writing, we’ve been experiencing crime – real life crime – “up close and personal,” as they say. Nothing too scandalous or violent – mostly just frustrating and annoying. We managed to cram a lot in one week, with Christmas only four days away.

It all began with a leaking water meter belonging to a neighbor’s house behind ours, whose water pipes and sewer run under our property from the curb street-side to their house mid-block behind us. The house was being sold to avoid foreclosure. Someone tried to turn the water supply back on after it had been turned off by the city. In doing so, they turned the valve too far. The valve cracked and the leak flooded the water meter compartment for two days. The city promised to check it out and they did, deciding to wait until the next day to attempt repairs when additional workers would be available. As the technician pondered the potential problems, the pipe burst creating a large puddle in our yard which quickly flooded our yard and the nearby sidewalks and streets in both directions. (We live on a corner.) The crew worked late into the night to stop the flooding and repair the pipe.

Then early Sunday morning – we’re talking 1:30 a.m. – someone attempted to break into our house by smashing a large rock into a window. It sounded like an explosion. Glass shards went flying through the dining room and into the next room, the kitchen. Luckily none of our cats were seriously injured though one did get a cut on her nose when glass shards came crashing into the cat litter box as she was doing her business. Also, luckily, none of our cats escaped through the shattered window. However, since it was close to the holiday, the window couldn’t be repaired until a week after Christmas.

There were a couple of other petty incidents in the following days; again, nothing too serious just time-consuming and frustrating. Domestic disputes, attempted muggings, random gun fire in the nights…

I realize now that I prefer my crime fictionalized in book or movie form.

Now the month of March is winding down and things are still chaotic.


We’re back to having email problems on the website. We just received three requested manuscripts that were attached to emails sent in October and November. Why have these emails been lurking in cyberspace for nearly five months before being delivered to our inbox?!?


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