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by Dana Stabenow

Dutton, September, 2000 (HC) $23.95

Reviewed by S. E. Warwick

Dana Stabenow spins a good yarn. She takes pleasure in language and dearly loves her native Alaska, a still wild place just as eccentric as Faulkner's Mississippi.

NOTHING GOLD CAN STAY, the second in her Liam Campbell series, a tangent from the Kate Shugak tales, follows Campbell, an Alaska state trooper who is basically a beat cop in the wilderness. He deals with missing children, domestic abuse, drugs, the usual litany of crime wherever human beings try to live in close proximity. The main character, however, is Alaska.

As Liam goes about the routine of solving crimes and clearing cases, he begins to suspect that open cases that seem to be totally unconnected are woven together by a serial killer.

Stabenow weaves the disparate elements of her story into a beautifully coherent whole that leaves you satisfied and waiting for the next installment.

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